Therm app MD by GOTRACK HLS

The corona-virus time will require us to change habits and preform heat measurement at the entrance of the organization to prevent the entry of patients who may infect employees or guests and impair the ability of the organization to continue to function.

The therm camera kit we developed is based on Israeli security capability and precise thermal detectors for accurate and efficient results.

It allows you to go back to work knowing that no sick people will enter and risk you with corona!


GOTRACK HLS was established in order to provide professional and inclusive solutions for security and safety systems management.

GOTRACK HLS provides its customers with comprehensive solutions which include consulting services, guidance, identifying security needs and responses, personnel training, and integration in the field of homeland security, for dealing with Terror and border breaches, as well as domestic criminal violence and the maintenance of public safety.

GOTRACK HLS wad established by Colonel (Res) ODED HALEVY, retired from the IDF after 26 years in the field of observation and combat collection.